Steinbeis-Consulting-Center Design. Materials. Standardization.Keep track - We can help - talk to us early on.Regular open seminars and customized in-house seminars.Professional workshops. Individual consultations.Faultless design and optimization of plastic moldings - We can help!Complaints? - We check whether they are entitled.We also support you with questions to metrological implementation.Info Service - We will inform you immediately with basic standard changes. Free.
Steinbeis-Consulting-Center Design. Materials. Standardization.
Keep track - We can help - talk to us early on.
Regular open seminars and customized in-house seminars.
Professional workshops. Individual consultations.
Faultless design and optimization of plastic moldings - We can help!
Complaints? - We check whether they are entitled.
We also support you with questions to metrological implementation.
Info Service - We will inform you immediately with basic standard changes. Free.

Design. Materials. Standardization.

Your partner for tolerance management in construction and development, production and quality assurance.

As a company in the global Steinbeis network, we offer our customers at home and abroad for more than two decades, practical seminars, consultations and workshops for international standardization in design, development, production, quality assurance and metrology focusing tolerance management. Outside the geometric product specification we advise you in questions about content, interpretation and application of European and international material standards. In the case of complaints or disputes with contractors, we support you with the preparation of expert reports.

Our customers now include companies from almost all industrial sectors such as automotive and supply industry, large and special engineering, medical technology, precision engineering and watchmaking, measurement technology and optics, electrical engineering, electronics and aerospace industries.

Our experienced team of project managers and coaches carry out annually more than 200 in-house seminars and conveys more than 3,000 seminar participants the newest "know-how", especially in the field of tolerance management and the practical application of the relevant international standards. The long-standing teaching skills and experience of our project managers and trainers guarantees and your employees training at a high technical level, a direct transfer into practice as well as consulting and opinion in accordance with the current state of technology.

Thanks to our high specialization in the disciplines tolerance management, ISO-GPS standard system, metrology and European / international material standardization, as well as our decades of expertise in these fields, we are able to support you competently and quickly, even with complex issues and practical solutions to work out.

Together with you, we develop strategies for a function, production, test and cost just tolerance management involving international standards, including those based on the current ISO-GPS and the US ASME standards. Your quality assurance We support the definition compliant or definition nearby metrological implementation taking into account economic and device-related constraints.

We offer the entire range from a single source in the form of in-house training and workshops for your employees, individual consultations and in the case of complaints and disputes with contractors we are happy to also report.


Die zweite Auflage von ISO 14405-1 enthält keine Regeländerungen wohl aber zusätzliche und bislang nicht verfügbare Modifikatoren. Diese sind im Einzelnen:

- Minimax- (Tschebyschew-) Größenmaß


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ISO 17450-3:2016 ist eine fundamentale ISO-GPS-Norm, die erstmals 2016 veröffentlicht wurde (keine Vorgängernorm). Die Norm enthält standardmäßige Festlegungen für integrale und abgeleitete tolerierte...

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Mit der Einführung von ISO 14405-3 sind auch für Winkelgrößenmaße Spezifikationsoperatoren definiert.

Winkelgrößenmaße sind an der Nomi­nalgeometrie eines Winkelgrößenmaß­elements festgelegte...

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ISO 5458:2018 (derzeit ISO/FDIS 5458:2017) definiert zusätzliche Regeln und Modifikatoren zur Spezifikation von Mustern (ein- und mehrstufige Musterspezifikationen mit einem Toleranzindikator sowie...

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Obwohl viele Produkt­spezifikationen auch heute bereits "allgemeine Profiltole­ran­zen" nutzen, so werden diese häufig jedoch fehlerhaft festgelegt und teilweise auch nicht im Sinne der zugrunde...

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Wie Sie wissen, waren Allgemeintoleranzen für Kunststoff-Formteile bis 2009 in DIN 16901 festgelegt. Die Norm wurde bereits 1973 veröffentlicht und 1982 letztmals überarbeitet. DIN 16901 wurde im...

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Download-Katalog mit allen Seminaren und Dienstleistungen 2018/2019 [1.2 MB]

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Steinbeis Early Birds

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Unsere nächsten Seminare zu "Geometrische Produktspezifikation (GPS) - Vertiefungsseminar mit Praxisanwendungen" in Stuttgart:

09. und 10.05.2019

13. und 14.11.2019

Jetzt anmelden und...

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Unsere nächsten Seminare zu "Form- und Lagetoleranzen" in Stuttgart:

06. und 07.06.2019

09. und 10.10.2019

Jetzt anmelden und Frühbucherrabatt sichern!

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