Expertises, opinions and complaints

Construction drawings that you accept from your customers or pass on to your suppliers are legally binding contractual documents. If components are produced in larger quantities on the basis of these documents, expensive molds are ordered or valuable and safety-relevant workpieces are manufactured, then the underlying documents (usually design drawings and any additional factory standards) should be subjected to a very careful review before the contract is signed. The focal points are u. a. Clarity and conformity to current standards.

Since, as is well known, standards can change quickly and seriously, it is sometimes difficult to maintain an overview. We therefore support you in checking the drawings and in coordinating with your customers or suppliers. We evaluate specifications that were created on the basis of older and partially withdrawn standards with regard to whether a new creation is necessary and useful.

If there have already been complaints or complaints from your customers or if you have reason to complain to your suppliers, we will carry out a careful analysis of the drawing for you based on the current international standards and provide you with arguments that you can use against your contractual partners can claim. A lack of specialist knowledge, especially in the area of ​​the complex ISO GPS standard system, can very quickly put you in a legally weak position. In addition, you will receive an assessment from us as to whether a legal dispute could be promising.

It is not desirable, but should a legal dispute be unavoidable, then we will also prepare expert opinions and reports for you, based on the disputed specifications, with a focus on standard conformity, standard-compliant interpretation and definition-compliant metrological implementation (verification) taking into account current national, European or international standards.

Our experience – your advantage

  • Rapid and serious changes in standards often go unnoticed. Our project managers and speakers have many years of experience in the field of standardization and therefore always have an "overview" of current developments.
  • Inconsistencies that you identify as early as the development phase of your products can usually be eliminated quickly and inexpensively. A professional drawing analysis before signing the contract is therefore often worthwhile.
  • If your customers complain about products or if you have reason to complain about products from your supplier, we will develop reliable arguments for you that you can assert against your contractual partners.
  • Legal disputes, for example in the case of an imminent product recall, can very quickly lead to incalculably high costs. A professional analysis and evaluation of the contractual specifications by our experienced experts can significantly improve your chances of success.

For further information or a non-binding request for drawing analyses, expert opinions or reports, please contact us.