Project management

The operational introduction of the complex and multi-layered international design and material standards, in particular the ISO GPS standard system in the areas of design/development, work preparation/manufacturing and quality assurance/measurement technology is a multi-year, costly and time-consuming process which, according to experience, requires very careful planning, Information and consistent implementation is required. Effort and risk during implementation are usually underestimated. Furthermore, the project-related, time-consuming development of relevant design guidelines and factory standards and the establishment of a competence team, including communication with customers and suppliers, must not be forgotten.

We analyze and evaluate the current situation in your company, starting with the quality of the existing product specifications, the manufacturing and testing strategies used, the handling of the test equipment used, internal and external communication and complaints management. Based on this, we develop an optimization concept for you to ensure the conformity of technical product specifications and company standards to current national, European and international standards as well as to ISO 9001, to reduce production and testing costs while improving product quality and to reduce the need for internal and external coordination.

In addition to providing support with operational implementation, in particular the introduction of the ISO GPS standard system, we plan, organize and conduct tailor-made seminars and workshops for you with a focus on design optimization, cost-optimized tolerance management and European and international material standardization for all areas of the company.

Finally, we also provide you with competent assistance in the development of standard-compliant design guidelines and factory standards, the optimization of internal communication between development, production and quality assurance as well as the coordination with your regional and international customers and suppliers.

We support you with this:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the initial situation with a focus on quality and compliance of product specifications and company standards, applied manufacturing and testing strategies, available test equipment and its correct use, internal and external communication, customer complaints and relevant supplier know-how.
  • Identification of approaches to optimization and development of an optimization concept, e.g. with the following goals: Establishing conformity to current standards and ISO 9001, reducing manufacturing and testing costs and improving product quality through optimized tolerance management and reducing the need for internal and external coordination and the risk of liability through clear product specifications.
  • Operational implementation, in particular introduction of the ISO GPS standard system.
  • Needs analysis for training measures, including conception and implementation of tailor-made seminars and workshops.
  • Development, introduction and maintenance of internal design guidelines and standards.
  • Optimization of internal and external communication and coordination with your customers and suppliers - worldwide.

We would also be happy to support and accompany your projects for standardization and tolerance management. For more information please contact us.