About us

Steinbeis is an international service provider in entrepreneurial knowledge and technology transfer. The Steinbeis Transfer Network is made up of about 1,000 enterprises. Specialized in chosen areas, Steinbeis Enterprises’ portfolio of services covers research and development; consulting and expert reports as well as training and employee development for every sector of technology and management. Steinbeis Enterprises are frequently based at research institutions, especially universities, which are constituting the Network’s primary sources of expertise. The Steinbeis Network comprises around 6,000 experts committed to practical transfer between academia and industry.

The transfer of Steinbeis Enterprises is supported by several central Steinbeis instruments: Steinbeis Edition releases specialized publications by experts of the Steinbeis network, the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute (FSTI) fosters the transfer by coordinating and executing studies. Symposia addressing hot topics in technology and management complement the vehicles and showcase the range of Steinbeis expertise.